Risk Management, Investigations, Insurance, Business, Litigation Support,  Wilkinson and Associates
Risk Management, Investigations, Insurance, Business, Litigation Support,  Wilkinson and Associates

Attention to Detail

When an organisation suspects that it has lost revenue, assets or information, it is vital that the organisation acts swiftly, but appropriately, to contain the problem and retain the confidence of affected parties.

Business investigations we carry out for clients include investigations into

  • Intellectual Property Right Infringements
  • Theft and Fraud
  • Loss of Commercially Sensitive Information
  • Health & Safety Accidents
  • Allegations of Drug Use in the Workplace
  • Sexual, Racial or Religious Harassment
  • Personal Safety Threats against Staff

Wilkinson & Associates starts every investigation in the only place that all investigations should start – by understanding the client's objectives and if necessary, helping them clarify these objectives.

  • Is the objective to rid the organisation of problem people?
  • To identify faulty systems?
  • To recover the money?
  • Or is it to obtain prosecutions?

The way an investigation proceeds will rest heavily on these issues and it is absolutely essential that clients make these decisions after a reasoned and realistic assessment of the likely outcomes, risks and costs. Once that decision has been made, then the way is clear for the investigation to proceed.

When dealing with these issues, there is no substitute for experience. Our senior investigators

  • have extensive experience in all manner of business investigations
  • are experienced in the full array of investigative techniques available to them
  • have an enormous amount of commercial experience ranging across manufacturing, freight forwarding, transportation and logistics, forestry and retail industries, to name just a few

Depending on our client's objectives, we are frequently involved in several phases of problem resolution including

  • the investigation itself
  • the disciplinary process
  • reparation
  • consulting on process improvements to reduce the risk of similar occurrences in the future

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